Monday, December 5, 2011

More Wizard101 Commercials..?

Hey guys, Now I am gonna be posting on a daily basis.  So today, I was watching ESPN and I saw a "Come to Zafaria" commercial and I was like WHAT THE DONNNGGGG!!! XD I know.  Then I changed the channel to the Travel Channel and I saw one come up...So now I'm getting the instinct that Kingsisle must be getting this money from somewhere...Right?  And it came to me, its from all the items that we buy and buy and gamble and gamble in the crown shop...No issue, I just thought it was kind of funny! :P

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to my blog...And a little introduction!

Hey everyone....!

Its Justin Moonhaven, I have a youtube channel, Godwiz13 (  And a twitter, Just search for godwiz13, and a facebook, not giving that link away).  I just started this blog to share with you guys what I know and what I want to know about wizard101.  I'm just going over the intro to me and my blog, I have tried many blogs before but never got a good one, so hope this is worth a shot!  I am 14 years old and live in Hawaii (You may think its nice, but it kinda sucks) I have lots of friends in game and irl, and I'm a very social person.  My interests are, Reading, Playing wizard101, Surfing, Snowboarding (Use to live in Minnesota) Texting, Talking and Eating (No I'm not fat)  :) 

People always think that I'm addicted to wizard101 if I live in Hawaii and i'm like never outside enjoying it, but i'm not.  During Christmas Break, I probably won't be on much, I'll be enjoying life. :)

Anyways guys, that was my intro to me and the blog, please comment and stuff on this to get me out there and hope I can see you ingame!